MAXX028 - Departures


Departures is the long awaited album from the legendary tehcno lable, Mastertraxx. Bringing togehter the most exciting DJ/Producers in the scene, this album is must have in every DJ's arsenal

Every track it a guaranteed dancefloor weapon. Delivers every time!


  • Chris David - No One's Watching
  • Diarmaid O Meara - Harsh Illustration
  • Glenn Wilson - Calibrate
  • Jeff F - Dirt
  • Krenzlin - Addicion
  • Luis Ruiz & Andreas Florin - Among the Machines
  • Mr. Jones - Blackmeans
  • Raphael Acohen - Travel Back
  • Ritzi Lee - Hypnopunk
  • Roxy Tripp- Soul in Exile
  • 12inch Wafer
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